Laurynas Keturakis

Working my way through the impostor's syndrome one prototype at a time. I care about making the web more open, making our tools more malleable, and making code more readable. I like building small and simple solutions to solve hairy problems.

Maintainer of Autometrics. Currently, building developer tools at Fiberplane.

Previously, I worked on publishing and event platforms at TNW.

→ You can reach me at [email protected] or Mastodon

Uselessful projects

→ You can find most of my work on my Github

I learned to learn programming by working on small things: scripts, utilities, plugins...

These small things can - but don't have to - be something useful. They are meant for me as a vehicle to explore languages, tools, and ideas. I try to document these experiences in the respective project READMEs or sometimes here.

Maybe eventually I'll build something useful like a todo app.

Currently working on:

A toy Redis implementation in Rust - getting into some advanced Rust areas and systems programming

A few things I have built:

A Raspberry Pi DHT22 temperature monitoring utility - small binaries are neat, Python dev env setup is pretty bleak... here's a new utility, have a peak?

A small file and folder utility for your shell - inspired by AdvancedNewFile plugin, allows any use of relative paths to create one or multiple files and folders

A Savvycal calendar plugin for Raycast